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Price starts at

PHP 1,030,000.00


1.5 S CVT 1.5 S CVT Modulo
1.5 V Navi CVT 1.5 V Navi CVT Modulo

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Rise Above Your Limits

Bigger and better things await you. It’s time to take that leap. Your journey to the top will be more fulfilling when behind the wheel of the All-New Honda BR-V Seven-seater SUV.

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The BR-V expresses its innate toughness and sporty nature. It’s the perfect companion to your active lifestyle.


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It’s the small details integrated into the cabin that make every journey pleasant. Everything you need to make each trip a breeze is within easy reach.


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i-VTEC Engine and Earth Dreams Technology CVT
Ample power is on tap, thanks to the BR-V’s 1.5 i-VTEC
engine that produces 120ps, harnessed by Earth Dreams
Technology CVT. This combination ensures peppy performance
and notable fuel efficiency.




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