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Price starts at
PHP 1,260,000.00
1.8 E CVT 1.8 E CVT Modulo 1.8 EL CVT 1.8 EL CVT MUGEN

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Time To Cross

Exceeding expectations and redefining what a car should be—this is the All-New Honda HR-V. Built for discerning drivers who live well-rounded lifestyles, the HR-V combines the toughness of an SUV, the feel of a coupe, and the functionality of a minivan. Its stunning styling will turn heads, yet underneath its skin are smart, user-friendly features and a capable package that is ready to tackle any challenge.

Break the boundaries of the daily drive with the All-New Honda HR-V. Let the concrete jungle and great outdoors be your playground. There are no limits. It’s time to explore the unknown.

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Bold Body Design

Svelte. Stylish. Dynamic. The All-New Honda HR-V will tug at your emotions and bring new life to your drive. Sharp, sculptured character lines express a unique styling language, while the majestic ride height and protective cladding remind you of its underlying strength. The aerodynamic, coupe-like cabin design represents both on-road speed and the ability to handle ever-changing urban conditions. The HR-V is a commanding road presence. It’s what you need, when you need it.

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Surround Your Senses

Step into another world and be enveloped in an elegant, ergonomic environment, where comfort and relaxation are paramount. Be cocooned in sophistication, but have every control at the palm of your hand. The high-deck console brings to mind a sport coupe’s interior, proof that the driver always comes first.

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Power and Economy on Demand

The All-New Honda HR-V offers an exciting drive. The power and performance of the engine complement the stable, agile, rigid, and lightweight chassis. This clever engine also has an environment-friendly approach that lets you drive guilt-free with the latest in fuel-economy and emission-lowering technology.






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Class-Leading Protection

At Honda, safety is of utmost importance. First-in-class features will be found in the HR-V, proof that Honda has no limits when offering a safe and secure journey.

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