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Price starts at
PHP 3,385,000.00
3.5 EX-L All Wheel Drive

Overview       Exterior      Interior      Performance     Safety     Specifications

The All-New Honda

Pilot 3.5 EX-L All Wheel Drive

Re-imagined and redesigned to conquer new heights, the All – New Pilot is the premium sports utility vehicle that will never fade into obscurity. With its smooth body lines, signature LED lighting, and an imposing front fascia, this is the only vessel worthy of your attention and of those around you.


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With a defined modern fascia, matched with the LED Projector Type Headlights and Signature LED Daytime Running Lights, the Pilot possesses a distinct appearance, day or night. The All-New Pilot draws the crowd in and makes a lasting impression.

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The Pilot, known for its spacious and flexible interior, now features a more luxurious and thoughtful interior design. An advanced entertainment system, and one – touch walk – in for easier access to the third row are just some of the new features for the Pilot’s new interior. With all these improvements, the All – New Pilot can seat up to 8 comfortably, and still have enough room to accommodate your cargo needs.

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Confidence Inspiring Performance

Go anywhere you please and have ample power on tap with the new Earth Dreams Technology Direct Injection 3.5L V6 i-VTEC engine, paired with the 6-Speed Automatic Transmission and the Intelligent Variable Torque Management (i-VTM4) All-Wheel Drive System. This advanced powertrain promises a spirited yet assured drive at every turn.

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Honda SENSING is a new suite of features that can keep you safer on the road. While there may be suprises along the way or things you might miss while driving, this set of driver-assistive technologies is ready to support.

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